Crohns Disease and Digestive Food Enzymes

By Colin Pear, 8/31/2008

Crohns disease sufferers are the foods you eat digesting? Maybe your pain comes from something you weren't expecting...the last thing you ate. Over the years I noticed that I have either been or became lactose intolerant and soy intolerant. Both are extremely allergenic foods. When those and other food elements are left improperly digested they reek havoc on your digestive system.

My first solution in dealing with this problem was to do my best to eliminate the most allergenic foods (mainly soy, and lactose) from my diet. This worked but not always because it's very hard to avoid those items if you live and buy food in the United States. Our culture includes at least one of those items in everyone of our favorite pre-packaged foods.

Next I added lactaid pills to my arsenal. I desired to enjoy foods like cheese and ice cream once again. These helped out a lot and kept my pains from fully returning after eating such foods.

I struggled on with my occasional pain searching for cures and remedies to help me out. I wanted at the very least to reduce my symptoms.

Now this part may sound kind of gross, but recently I realized that after using the restroom, many of the foods I ate would pass through, and they were not fully digested. I did some research and found a website that explained a lot to me about digestion and the importance of enzymes for breaking food down.

It was then that I discovered another product from my favorite company Garden of Life. It's called omega-zyme. Omega-zyme is loaded with all kinds of digestive enzymes that will aid you in processing the food you ate. The main problem is that our bodies lose the ability to break foods down especially when we don't eat enough raw fruits and vegetables that come from an organic source.

Taking these pills with everything I eat has provided a lot of relief from the pains of Crohns disease. I can even tolerate small amounts of soy as well. If you want to start getting some relief from your Crohns then I recommend you change your diet, eliminate highly allergenic foods as much as possible, and start taking digestive enzymes with every bite of food you eat.

Your body may have lost much of its ability to produce the needed enzymes for breaking down food. Plus your body can't produce all of the enzymes that it needs so it is imperative that you take a supplement to aid your body. I take omega-zyme because its organic, and it comes from a trusted supplier, Garden of Life.