Heal Crohns Disease Yourself

By Colin Pear, 8/31/2008

First let me state that I am no expert. I have done a lot of research and I ultimately ended up putting 2 + 2 together. Most of what I say is probably regurgitated from something I have read before, however, its also based off of my own experiments on myself (evil genius laugh here). I am enlightening you, the reader, as to what I have discovered, and what has actually worked for me. The only proof that I have is my continually improving health, and that should speak volumes.

So I have had Crohns disease since 1995. I have tried many different things to cure my disease, or at least lessen its effects. I have been on various different medications including Pentasa, Asacol, Metronidazole (Flagyl), Purinethol, and Prednisone. None of these things ever provided any kind of healing. They only temporarily masked the symptoms, and I fully believe that they made me sicker in the long run.

A couple of years ago I lost my job and no longer had medical insurance. It was at this time that I was forced in to deciding that I needed to do something to improve my health. Paying exuberant amounts of money for my medicine was no longer a viable option. It was about a year later that I got a new job and decided to continue my journey and not fall back into the world of medications I was in before. I have been medication free and relatively symptom free for about 2 years now.

So what was the cure you ask? What was the silver bullet that changed my life? Well I realized my problem came from many sources and I finally discovered the ONE SOLUTION that fixed everything (by the way I am Catholic and I believe this solution ultimately came from God, so I really give him the credit). Well here it is, the way to heal Crohns Disease:

I changed my DIET!

Ok, Ok. I hear the thought bubble forming in your head, but don’t get discouraged. That really is it. Actually, what seems like a simple answer is really more complicated than you would expect. Also I did not heal over night. It was a gradual process that took a couple of months.

Crohns Disease Diet

Like I said before, the problem with Crohns disease is that it’s cause doesn’t just come from one source. You cant just fix one thing, you have to fix several things to overcome it. I believe you get Crohns because you have a broken system. Luckily, just about everything you need to fix can be wrapped up in what you eat!

I believe Crohns disease develops when our gut is in disarray. We live in a society that chemically treats the food we eat. We use tons of unnatural preservatives to increase the shelf life of our products. When eaten, these types of food bring toxins into our system, and after adding enough of these toxins over a long period of time we begin to feel sick. We also create an environment in our gut that lets these toxins linger and allows bad bacteria to flourish (like Candida, eww, yuck). When bad bacteria begins to take over it is the good bacteria that is weeded out. We then have an unproperly balanced system and we get sick.

So where does good bacteria come from? The soil! I love the saying you hear in church on Ash Wednesday, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” Wow isn’t that so true? The good bacteria our body needs comes from the earth. The way we usually get it is by eating food that comes from the ground A.K.A vegetables. Well, with all of the pesticides we use all of that good bacteria is essentially destroyed. The veggies you buy at the store have none of that good bacteria our bodies so desperately need. And this leads us to problem #1, We don’t get enough good bacteria into our systems A.K.A Probiotcs. Another way we get these good bacteria (I think) is when we breath it in our it is absorbed through the skin (we touch it). So go outside! Get out of that dang on cube you work in all day and play in the dirt with your kids (or your neighbors kids, or your brother-in-laws kids, or no kids)! Or, like Joe Dirt Says, “Life’s a garden. Dig it?” So, go, dig it.

Getting out side in the sun also helps your body to produce vitamin A. But getting outside is not enough. I know, I am so depressing sometimes. So what you need to do is add Probiotics to your diet! This is essential to eliminating Crohns. You have to have that good bacteria. Don’t ask why, you just do! Good bacteria helps your body to heal its self. The good or beneficial bacteria will help your body to eliminate toxins and help increase your bodies absorption of all those good vitamins, minerals, and protein you eat throughout the day. Increasing your absorption of nutrients is the key to bolstering up your immune system so your body can begin the process of healing its self. By filling your gut full of good bacteria you essentially leave no room for anything harmful to exist. So you want to increase your intake of good bacteria, and decrease the amount of toxins you put in your system. The best beneficial bacteria on the market is made by this guy named Jordan Rubin. It is called Primal Defense, and his companies name is Garden of life.

Self Healing Crohns Tips

Alright, so now your hooked. So you want to get better you say? Ok well here are some steps I recommend you take. These are some of the things I feel are necessary to help your body heal its self, and they are the steps I took for myself.

  1. Rent and watch the documentary Super Size Me. After you do you will never want to eat fast food again, and that is the first step. Eliminate fast food from your diet. Completely.
  2. Are you lactose intolerant? Probably. Even if your not you need to take it out of your diet (well at least temporarily, or just limit your intake). Lactose can cause gas, cramps, and diarrhea which are all painful to deal with when you have Crohns.
  3. Say no to Soy! Soy is toxic and bad for your digestive system. Just say no to Soy. Now, that sounds really easy, but actually its hard. Just about everything has Soy in it. People are crazy and they put Soy, Soybean oil, Soy Lecithin, or some sort of soy by product in everything. I guess it is like the magic ingredient that every food maker likes to use. Almost every candy bar on the shelf uses it as an “emulsifier.” They use it in chips (even Doritos….yes I know its sad). There is even soy in good ol’ Cap’n Crunch cereal! You need to be very careful cause it is everywhere! Look on the ingredients of everything you buy or plan to eat.
  4. Avoid sugar! Bad bacteria feast on it and grow to be big bad boy bacteria’s. So when I say sugar I mean no more junk food. Say good bye to Little Debby, Hostess, and all of the those other snack foods. Don’t get discouraged! You can do this! The outcome is so worth it.
  5. This next step is very, very important. Add Primal Defense to your diet. When you first get started you need to take a lot of it. For 4 months straight I took 6-9 pills daily without missing a beat. Depending on your condition you may need to take more (or less). You can taper down to a regular daily dose later, but you need to clean your system out. Also, when you first get started you will probably go through rapid detoxification. You get flu like symptoms, and usually some acne because your body is eliminating all of that crud in your system. When you start taking this stuff you need to work up to those larger amounts. It may take you a month to work up to a larger amount, and that’s ok, just take your time. If you can handle the rapid detox then you can lower the amount you are taking. You have to adjust to what your body can handle.
  6. Get back to nature. Eat organic food! Eat stuff that they doesn’t have added preservatives. Eat meat from animals that haven’t been pumped with anti-biotics, hormones, or other chemicals. My theory is, if you read the ingredients and you don’t know what any of them are, then don’t eat it! That’s pretty drastic though. Just use your best judgement.
  7. Drink lots of water. Avoid chlorinated water because chlorine kills good and bad bacteria. Drink distilled.
  8. Eat a lot of meat. Your body needs protein to heal the tissues that have been damaged. Be careful about drinking those protein shakes. A lot of them have soy, and a bunch of those ingredients that you have no idea what they are.
  9. Avoid Alcohol, cigarettes, and any kind of illegal drug.
  10. Deep breathing. Practice deep breathing when your sitting at your desk or cube. But you have to breath from your stomach. Push you stomach out instead of your chest when you breath in. This is supposed to be a more natural way of breathing. Babies do it that way and then somewhere along the way we start trying to take deep breaths with our chest. All of that deep breathing will oxygenate your blood. This will help prmote healing throughout your body.
  11. Go to the Chiropractor. When the nerve endings in your spine are free to flow your body is in better health.
  12. Take digestive enzymes with everything you eat! This may be the easiest way to get instant relief from your daily pain, and its something I recently learned about. You must read more about it, click here.

So, there yah go!

More on Crohns Disease Diet

I recommend buying and reading this book called “The Makers Diet.” It was written by Jordan Rubin (the Primal Defense Guy). It contains scientific reasoning for doing all of the things I mentioned plus it goes into more detail about the diet you should be on.

And that’s pretty much it. The closer you stick to those guidelines the faster your body will heal. Sometimes I brake the rules and eat a Twinkie every now and then (Not really. They have soy in them.). But mainly I stick to the diet. I try and follow the diet Jordan Rubin has laid out in his book.

That's how I healed my Crohns. Hopefully it will work for you too. Just be patient and don’t deviate. If you're a spiritual person then throw in some prayer as well. I cant make any guarantees that everything will work, but I have a strong belief in the steps I took to help myself.